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David Beaulieu

Tree Pruning 101 - Tree Pruning for Beginners

By November 20, 2003

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Tree pruning. It's a rather scary part of landscaping for most of us, as Steve Jones relates in this Plant Man column. When I hear talk of removing limbs from trees, I'm reminded of a Three Stooges short.... In the film in question, the Stooges are tree surgeons. At one point, while the Stooges are discussing the removal of a tree limb, some people overhear them, and they mistakenly think -- to their horror -- that the Stooges are talking about amputating a human limb! Well, okay, tree pruning needn't be quite that scary. But still, to put your minds at ease, beginners at landscaping should consult this introduction to tree pruning. Steve starts with the basics, asking why we bother pruning trees at all. He proceeds to the meat of the subject, telling us, e.g., what the term branch collar means, and why that's important to know when you prune. You'll also learn about the tools of the trade.


July 14, 2008 at 2:12 pm
(1) tree service Michigan says:

tree pruning is really a very risky task to complete…

July 29, 2008 at 4:20 am
(2) Eugene Lebedenko says:

Tree surgery is indeed one of the most dangerous trades. If you own some trees and they are not bigger than 20 feet, why not attempt to do them as long as you have a bit of confidence in what you are doing and you don’t mind doing some physical work. Anything above 20 feet should be left for professionals to deal with. It may cost you a bit of money but it’s safer and results allways look good.

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