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Lawns on Trial — Landscape Design in Southern California

By July 3, 2006

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Lawns have numerous champions and detractors. Something of a critic of lawns myself, I tend to focus on the amount of maintenance we sink into our lawns -- time that could be spent doing better things. But this article from The San Diego Union-Tribune raises other issues in asking, Are lawns really a good idea in landscape design in Southern California?


August 24, 2008 at 9:52 pm
(1) Willie says:

I live in Southern California. I have a small garden care business called “Sugarbush.”
I wish people would break the lawn habit. The problem is, they don’t do the mowing, fertilizing, etc. They have “gardeners” to do that, so it’s low maintenance for them.

Actually, most of these gardeners–I call them “mow-and-blows” do little else except mow and blow and you don’t really want them to because they actually “mow” everything–flowers, shubs, trees. They just use different power tools. The landscape becomes hard and boring.

People need to see what alternative designs (without lawns) look like, so more of us need to start being more creative. The selection of California native plants to choose from is astoundingly large if one would just look.

There is one great website for California natives: LasPilitas.com.

Willie/Sugarbush Landscape Care (not a mow-and-blow service)

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