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David Beaulieu

Hakone Grass

By December 26, 2008

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I'm open-minded about growing any grass that I don't have to worry about mowing or performing any other excessive maintenance on. I haven't tried a ton of ornamental grasses yet but plan on planting more and more types as time goes by. One that I have tried is Hakone grass. Not much worry about maintenance here. As Marie Iannotti, About's Gardening Guide, relates in her article, Hakone grass is a "clump forming grass that grows excruciatingly slowly." That's my kind of torment!

The only aspect of growing Hakone grass that seems a bit tricky is getting the lighting right. Hakone grass is supposed to have gold leaves with green stripes. But according to Marie, three things can go wrong with this scenario:

  1. With too much sun in hot regions, "the leaves can bleach out to a pale yellow."
  2. "But it can lose its stripes in partial shade, becoming all gold...."
  3. Finally, "it turns a lime green in full shade."

Believe me, though, it's still worthwhile to give this chameleon a try. At worst, you might have to experiment a bit until I get the lighting right for Hakone grass. It beats mowing any day!


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