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"There's No Room Left to Put the Snow I'm Shoveling!"

By February 6, 2011

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When I'm out shoveling (and that's been pretty much every day, recently), I like to take breaks. And what better way to pass the time during a snow-shoveling break than to cast a glance around the neighborhood, to see how your neighbors are doing with their snow shoveling?picture of snow shovel

If I'm feeling talkative, I might even chat with one of them. After the initial rolling of the eyes (the shoveler's unspoken language for "Is this winter ever going to end?"), the conversation usually takes the following form:

  • Neighbor: "Now I wish I had bought that snowblower."
  • Me: "Yeah, but if you had, we probably wouldn't have gotten any snow!"

For the most part, though, rather than chatting, I just look around, to see how other people are dealing with the chore of snow removal. It's truly a pitiful sight, in some cases:

I see people standing at the foot of mountains of snow all along their driveways, mountains of their own creation: For, after earlier snowstorms, they failed to toss the snow far enough way when clearing their driveways. The result? Now, when they shovel snow off their driveways, they find it difficult for their tosses to clear that "mountain range." Chunks of snow come cascading down those snow piles in mini-avalanches -- right back down to the driveway. Since these recalcitrant chunks have to be re-shoveled, that means you're doing the same work twice!

Does any of this have a familiar ring to it? You should have consulted my tips on shoveling snow, where I warn you against turning your driveway into a mountain pass. It may be too late now, but bone up on my tips so that you don't make the same mistakes next winter!

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