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Avoiding Tree Damage From Storms

By September 9, 2012

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It's prime time for the hurricane season in the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S., so avoiding tree damage from storms is a current concern for many. About's Guide to Forestry, Steve Nix, lists 7 tips for avoiding tree damage from storms. As you will see, although cabling and other measures can be used once trees are mature, avoiding tree damage from storms also means planning before planting.

Part of any plan for avoiding tree damage from storms is to choose trees that aren't brittle. One of the trees Steve lists as especially susceptible to storm damage is the American elm tree. Another is the silver maple. I used to have a silver maple, but I had a tree removal specialist come over and get rid of it for me. This brittle tree was growing precariously close to the house, so I'm glad it's gone -- for safety reasons.

My main worry now when it comes to avoiding tree damage from storms is an Eastern white pine tree. It loses limbs whenever we have an ice storm. But it's more of a nuisance than a safety hazard, since it's not growing overly close to my house.

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