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Prepare Your Landscaping Tools for Winter

By December 11, 2012

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I have all I can do to prepare my body for winter, let alone my landscaping tools. I find it takes me awhile to become acclimated to the cold weather. By the time my body adapts to the cold -- sometime around February -- winter's almost over!

As hard as it is to muster the energy this time of year to get your landscaping tools prepared for winter, you'll be glad you did, come spring. So it's useful for procrastinators like me to be reminded of the utility of preparing landscaping tools for winter. That's just what Kelly Burke, About.com's Guide to Lawn Care, does in this article.

Of course, the first chore you'll probably have to undertake is to carve out some free space in your storage area, so that you can begin to organize all your landscaping tools properly. For some, that's definitely a case of "easier said than done." Many people, unfortunately, give up on organizing, because they've become paralyzed by the existing clutter in their storage spaces.

You clutter bugs out there know what I'm talking about: a garage, for instance, where a little of this and a lot of that are piled on top of each other, indiscriminately. If the owners of such a messy garage were to commission me to paint a sign to hang over their garage door, I'd have it read, "You Never Know." Why? Because when confronted over their clutter, such pack rats often argue that, oh well, you just never know when you're going to need this or that item -- and when you do, eventually, need it, you want access to it (without having to buy a new one).

Problem is, they may not really have access to the item when they need it, precisely because it's buried under a bunch of other items that, in reality, they may never get around to using.

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