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David Beaulieu

10 Tips for Shoveling Snow

By January 9, 2013

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I didn't mind shoveling snow as a child. If I was called upon to shovel snow, it was probably because school had been canceled, which was always a joyous occasion. After a night with heavy snowfall, I remember huddling around the radio next morning eagerly awaiting the announcement from the powers that be: "Classes have been canceled at all public schools today...." At last, there was joy in Mudville (or should I say "Snowville"?).picture of ice on berries

If the price I had to pay for a day of freedom was shoveling snow, it was a price I paid gladly, even though we had a long driveway. Besides, at that age, my energy was boundless, so the job would get done quicker than you could say "Frosty the Snowman." When I look back now at what I could do then, physically, I marvel that it was the same person ("I could do that back then? Wow!").

Of course, my brains didn't always match my energy. Not that you have to be a brain surgeon to shovel snow. Still, there are some right and wrong ways of shoveling snow, and my father, who was an old-school kind of guy, was very quick to let me know when I was doing it the wrong way. Primarily, he would make it very clear that I wasn't really helping him if I didn't heave the snow a great enough distance, because that snow would just end up in the way and have to be moved again.

I've spent a lot of time in my life shoveling snow, so I've had plenty of time to ponder how best to do it. The tips I present in this article for shoveling snow come from my heart -- and from my cold lips, cold nose, cold ears....

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