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"Plant" Bottle Trees for Landscaping Whimsy

By January 23, 2013

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I can be something of a dreamer when it comes to my landscaping tastes, sometimes. Throw a bit of whimsy my way -- something that surprises me -- and I can forgive even a little tackiness. photo of bottle treeSuch is the case with bottle trees.

Oddly enough, I first became interested in bottle trees when I was around 3000 miles from home. I stumbled upon a bottle tree "forest" when traveling along historic Route 66. Specifically, what I had discovered was a roadside attraction known as "Elmer's Place," in Helendale, California.

Most homeowners would have no interest in recreating Elmer's over-the-top display of bottle trees. But I do think that those who share my appreciation for whimsy would be well-advised to consider installing one, tasteful bottle tree. I explain how to do so in the article linked to above. For an added touch, you can even light up your bottle tree at night (the photo shows the base of such a bottle tree).

It was for the sake of encountering such novelties that I undertook my pilgrimage to travel Route 66 from start to finish. But that trip was just an extreme example of my quest to learn how other people landscape their yards. Even when I'm out driving around my own neighborhood, I take care to notice landscaping components or themes that display creativity. Do you do the same? If so, share an example of unique or unusual yard art with us!

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