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'Royal Candles' Veronica

By June 11, 2013

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'Royal Candles' Veronica is a clump-forming perennial that attains a height of just 15 inches. picture of veronica plantAlthough these Veronica flowers first bloom in late spring to early summer, you can enjoy the purplish blue flower spikes throughout the summer with proper care. Learn about 'Royal Candles' Veronica and how to care for it in this article.

If you enjoy delving into the origins of plant names, you'll find a bonanza in this perennial. The botanical name derives from a biblical incident, as I relate in my article. As for the common name, "speedwell," I've found no general agreement in my reading as to where it comes from, although some suggest an origin in the plant's medicinal properties (as in "get well quickly"). If you know of an authoritative resource on the history behind the common name, please relate it in the Comments section, below.

Incidentally, there's also a weed named "speedwell": specifically, corn speedwell. It's one of those tiny weeds that can cause huge headaches in a landscape if your aim is to stay weed-free. The best way to fight corn speedwell is to stay ahead on your weeding and keep as many of these minute menaces from going to seed as possible.

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