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David Beaulieu

Little Titch Catmint: the Right Plant in the Right Spot

By July 29, 2013

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As you would expect with a cultivar name like picture of small catmint plant'Little Titch', this type of Nepeta racemosa behaves itself in your landscaping, staying nice and short for you. In both name and behavior, I would contrast it with '6 Hills Giant' catmint, which can be a bit much for an especially tight space.

Take advantage of the compact nature of Little Titch catmint and use it to edge a pathway where a larger plant wouldn't work as well. For example, sometimes you want to be able to step over an edging plant easily when exiting from a pathway in midstream (after a rain, you could easily get your shoes drenched by brushing up against an edging plant). Little Titch fits the bill here, as you don't have to be an Olympic hurdler to clear it.

Little Titch catmint could also work well, for example, along the outer rim of a circular rock garden or in the front row of a perennial bed -- that is, situations where a taller plant would obscure other plants growing behind it. Remember, there's a reason why the shorter kids were positioned in the front row during those school group shots!

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