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David Beaulieu

September To-Do List for the Landscape

By August 31, 2013

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What do I look forward to in my September landscape? photo of bittersweetIt's not the items on my September yard to-do list, I'm sure of that! After a summer of yard chores, I'm much inclined to take it easy during the autumn. I have to rest up for a winter of shoveling snow, don't I?

No, my idea of how to spend my time in September is to keep an eye out for signs of fall. I also start planning my fall decorations and fall craft projects, such as decorating gourds. Not that I'm rushing the summer, mind you. But fall is coming whether I want it to or not, and I might as well enjoy the autumn season to the fullest. Here are some of the signs of fall's imminent arrival that I've already witnessed:

  • Sumac is starting to turn shades of pink and orange.
  • The orange fruit of the bittersweet berries is showing.
  • Virginia creeper leaves are becoming reddish.
  • The volunteer butternut squash in my compost bin is turning tan.
  • The fruit on my neighbor's apple trees is ripening.
  • Yellow jackets are stepping up their activity, putting me on the alert against their stings.

How about you? If you've seen some signs of fall you'd like to report, please use the Comments section below.

OK, I've procrastinated enough in getting to the work that needs to be done in September. What should you be doing in the yard for this month? Well, that depends on what region you inhabit. Consult this September yard to-do list compiled by Marie Iannotti to see what you can be doing to ensure that your yard will remain the best it can be as we enter the autumn season. About's Gardening Guide organizes her tips according to whether you live in a cool climate or a warmer one.

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September 8, 2012 at 9:07 am
(1) Tonya Lee says:

It is finally cool enough where I live to get back outside for longer time periods. My yard looks great, and I have little work there right now, at least until the leaves begin falling, but my front porch is a mess – dirty tiles, peeling paint. Today I’m scrubbing my porch and doing a lot of sanding and priming so I can have a pretty entryway before fall!

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