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David Beaulieu

Identifying Fall Foliage

By September 8, 2013

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Some leaf peepers are content to drive around the countryside oohing and aahing over the fall foliage they witness. picture of oakleaf hydrangea in autumnThey have little idea of what particular trees are producing that fall foliage. The pretty colors are all jumbled up like a bowl of Trix cereal, and that's precisely what these leaf peepers came to see: a boisterous display of raw color.

But there's another type of leaf peeper, too -- I'm talking about those of us who are also landscaping enthusiasts....

For us, identifying fall foliage trees as we're admiring their autumn color is part of the leaf peeping experience. Not that we don't "lose ourselves in the moment" occasionally and just accept the gratuitous display of beauty, without engaging in identification efforts: allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by autumn's abundance is an indispensable part of the experience. But as landscaping enthusiasts, we can't help but contemplate how nice some of that fall foliage would look from our own kitchen windows....

Thus the need to conduct research to identify fall foliage, so that you can use your leaf peeping trip this autumn as a springboard for acquiring colorful fall foliage trees from the nursery for your own yard, once you return home. Browse my articles on fall foliage trees for identification help: all my articles have pictures that will help you with your quest. Note also that not all great fall color comes from trees: the beautiful fall plant in the picture is a shrub, namely, oakleaf hydrangea!

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