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David Beaulieu

'Arctic Beauty' Kiwi Vines

By September 25, 2013

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I grow picture of kiwi vine'Arctic Beauty' kiwi vines not for fruit, but for the ornamental value of their variegated leaves. "Variegated" is something of an understatement, however, when it comes to the foliage of kiwi vines. For the leaves can become tri-colored, flashing colors of pink, white and green. Nor is "white" sufficient as a description for the light color in this triad: lots of variegated plants have white in their leaves, but the white in these kiwi vines is more aptly termed "frosty." How appropriate, considering the plant's name (although my guess is that the "Arctic" in the name refers to the plant's hardiness).

The first time you see Arctic Beauty in full color, you'll do a double-take, questioning whether the color is even natural! While we often associate a change in leaf color with the fall foliage season, note that the color display put on by kiwi vines is at its height not in autumn, but in spring. How's that for an interesting reversal?

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