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Thanksgiving Decorations for Outdoors

By November 4, 2013

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Reader, Gloria sent me such a thoughtful comment regarding Thanksgiving decorations for outdoors that I decided to share it with everyone:turkey

"I would like other ideas besides wreaths which is already a standard decoration. Thanksgiving is a major American holiday. Yet because people go berserk over Halloween (which isn't even an actual holiday though people are acting as though it were) with yard decorations to rival the ever-growing trend of commercialized secular Christmas displays, Thanksgiving gets wedged in with nary a nod. If it weren't for the turkey dinner, I think this wonderful holiday with its valuable message of thanks (whether one is religious or not) and appreciation for our heritage of immigrants would be all but forgotten. I for one have begun putting a proper perspective on these observances and my few Halloween decorations (the "message" of which is pretty lame after all) are going down November 1st and Thanksgiving decorations are going up... I just need good outdoor decorations that display my pride in my American heritage and humble thankfulness to my Maker."

While I disagree with Gloria over Halloween (Halloween decorations are my favorite!), I think she's right: Thanksgiving decorations for outdoors are few and far between. Sure, I've seen some Pilgrim and turkey inflatables. But if you want to stay away from commercialism and craft your own decorations, Thanksgiving is tougher to decorate for than Halloween. For Halloween scarecrows, it's "anything goes"; but the equivalent figure for Thanksgiving, a Pilgrim, has to be done "just so" in order to look right. However, all but the most gruesome scarecrows can double as Thanksgiving decorations for outdoors, since Halloween and Thanksgiving share one thing, at least: they're harvest celebrations, meaning any decor with an agricultural theme is appropriate.

By the way, the problem goes beyond Thanksgiving decorations for outdoors. As someone who enjoys seeing outdoor decor, I think there's lots of untapped potential in other holidays, too. In the U.S., people make a serious effort with outdoor decorations for Christmas and Halloween only; outdoor Easter decorations come in at a distant third. I'd also like to see more of an effort made for such holidays as Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.

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