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David Beaulieu

Rose Color Meanings: What Cupid Doesn't Tell You

By February 10, 2014

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For many of us, Cupid doesn't fly in on a conveniently early date to remind us to buy our roses for Valentine's Day. picture of pink roseIn fact, the chubby cherub is more likely to sneak in at the last moment and shoot us in the back with one of those mischievous arrows. Not only that, but for all his alleged acumen in the art of love, Cupid will be of no use to you in selecting the right roses for the occasion. For that, you'll have to conduct a little research into rose color meanings.

Discover how to send the right message to recipients of your floral gifts by following a time-honored formula that spells out the meanings of roses based on their color. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to put even ol' Cupid to shame in the matter of the art of love (well, on Valentine's Day, at least).

The formula derives from the Victorian era, as Catherine Herbert Howell explains in Flora Mirabilis. If you know the formula, a rose becomes more than just a thoughtful gift: it becomes a carefully crafted message.

And beware of sending the wrong message with Valentine roses: the recipient may know more about the meanings of flowers than you ever imagined. That friend of the opposite sex whom you wish merely to cheer up on February 14th may take a red rose the wrong way!

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