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Stars of My Yard: The Best of the Best

By February 20, 2014

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Every year, beginning in spring and ending sometime in autumn, picture of witch hazel bloomI blog each month about my "stars of the yard," i.e., the plants that shine most brightly in my own yard for the specific month in question. I will continue in the same vein this year, once spring makes its much-anticipated return.

But today's post is a look back to past selections, in an attempt to ponder "the best of the best."

I've based my selections not only on beauty, but also on such factors (in some cases) as timeliness or low-maintenance. For instance, there are showier plants in spring than snowdrops, but they delight me with their precociousness and never ask me to lift a finger.

I know that these are tough choices. Who's to say what plants are really "the best," right? So many factors come under consideration when making such choices.

Nonetheless, many of you, no doubt, enjoy some of the selections on my list just as passionately as do I. So I thought it would be fun to narrow the field down even further by choosing our very favorite plant for the whole year from among the plants listed below:

  1. March: Witch hazel ('Arnold Promise')
  2. April: Snowdrops
  3. May: Creeping phlox
  4. June: Lilacs
  5. July: Japanese dogwood
  6. August: Hydrangeas
  7. September: Rose of Sharon
  8. October: Maple trees
  9. November: Sweetgum trees

In between growing seasons (December-February), the stars of my yard are ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs.

Please vote in the poll below to state your choice. You can also use the Comments section below if you feel strongly about a plant that didn't make my list (feel free to mention it there).

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February 23, 2014 at 8:06 am
(1) scotty says:

I bet the forsythia lovers are yanking their hair out :) Yes,forsythia signals Spring but other than its blooms; lets be honest, it’s a rather unattractive shrub. Not much to offer.

I voted for snowdrops David. Care free and naturalize nicely as they have done on my front lawn. And once the blooms are done ,the leaves,unlike forsythia, only last for a short time and than they are gone ; giving room for a later bloomer.

I love my snowdrops :)

February 23, 2014 at 8:43 am
(2) landscaping says:

I love them too, Scotty. Thanks for voting.

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