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David Beaulieu

Landscaping December 2003 Archive


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What Kind of Work Is Available in Landscaping?

Wednesday December 31, 2003
Careers in landscaping include work as a landscape architect or landscape designer. Somewhat less glamorous is running (or working for) a landscape-maintenance business, but that's where many of the jobs ... Read More

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Landscaping

Tuesday December 30, 2003
The themes running through my Top 10 list of landscaping New Year's resolutions are enjoyment, planning and low maintenance -- all of which are worthy themes for a top 10 ... Read More

Edgar Allan Poe on Landscape Design

Monday December 29, 2003
Have you ever wondered what one could accomplish in the way of a landscape design if one possessed both a fervent imagination and considerable wealth? Well, the great poet, Edgar ... Read More

Snowblower Safety Tips

Sunday December 28, 2003
The snowblower safety tips included in this article could save you some serious misfortune. Always respect the power of heavy equipment -- don't take snowblower safety for granted!

Landscaping Idea - Family Fun With Kids

Friday December 26, 2003
Steve Jones, the Plant Man, has an interesting landscaping idea that involves kids in this column. Something to think about next time there's weeding to be done (which is a ... Read More

The Foundation of Landscaping - Soil Science

Thursday December 25, 2003
Landscaping relies heavily on flowering trees, lawns, garden plants, etc. In turn, all of these living components of landscaping rely heavily on soil for their health. This piece from the ... Read More

Last-Minute Shopping - Landscaping Book Gift Certificates

Wednesday December 24, 2003
Your landscape design planning is thorough and far-sighted, yet you wait till the last minute for your holiday shopping? No problem. Amazon.com has lots of great landscaping books, and you ... Read More

Signing Contracts for Landscape Design Work

Tuesday December 23, 2003
It's advisable to have a written contract to work with when you hire someone to work on your property -- be it landscape design or anything else. Of course, a ... Read More

Pruning Holly

Saturday December 20, 2003
Wondering when to prune holly? Pruning holly bushes can be done in December. What a happy coincidence! This means you can use the holly sprigs you cut for holiday decorations. ... Read More

When Burglars Strike Your Landscape Design

Thursday December 18, 2003
Trees play a central role in landscape design. Whether they are shade trees, windbreaks, privacy screens or flowering trees, we sometimes take them for granted. The removal of a large ... Read More

Snow-Removal Equipment - Snow Shovels and More

Wednesday December 17, 2003
Do you still rely on that trusty old snow shovels for your snow-removal equipment? From the old-fashioned way of clearing driveways to hiring snowplow contractors and even more "techie" methods, ... Read More

Building Backyard Ponds - A Guide Through Pictures

Sunday December 14, 2003
Northern landscape designs may be blanketed in snow now, but in other regions projects such as building backyard ponds are still feasible. For that matter, even if you do live ... Read More

The "Cutting Edge" of Landscape Design

Saturday December 13, 2003
If your landscape design is informal, then cutting plants to keep them well-groomed may not be a major landscaping chore for you. But if your yard adheres to a formal ... Read More

Cold Hardy Palm Trees

Wednesday December 10, 2003
Are pink flamingoes still your idea of lawn and garden decor, even though Christmas is approaching? If so, then let's face it: winter landscape design is just not your cup ... Read More

The Low-Maintenance Landscape

Tuesday December 9, 2003
A low-maintenance landscape is not accidental, it is the result of careful planning. A plan must be drawn up and implemented from beginning to end with minimal care in mind, ... Read More

Live Christmas Trees for Xmas Yard Decorations

Monday December 8, 2003
Planting live Christmas trees is a great way to enjoy landscaping and holiday celebrations simultaneously. But there were times in history when it was dangerous to celebrate the holidays by ... Read More

Landscape Maintenance Tips for Late Fall

Sunday December 7, 2003
I look outside my window today (in New England) and see that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have once again gone into the landscape design business together. As usual, ... Read More

Care for Poinsettias

Wednesday December 3, 2003
Most people think of Christmas poinsettia plants as disposable houseplants. But frugal readers might consider growing poinsettias for next year using this year's plants. Doing so successfully, though, requires some ... Read More

Lawn and Garden Decor Ideas - Clay Pot Sculptures

Tuesday December 2, 2003
Enhance your lawn and garden decor by learning how to make clay pot sculptures of cats in this tutorial brought to you by About's Family Crafts Guide, Sherri Osborn. All ... Read More

Winter Landscape Design With Winterberry Holly

Monday December 1, 2003
When December invades the North, it wreaks havoc on landscaping. The rich palette of colors in your autumn landscape design gives way to lots of brown, grey and white. But ... Read More

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