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David Beaulieu

Landscaping October 2008 Archive


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Planning the Fall Garden

Friday October 31, 2008
How was your fall garden this year? Did other people's yards have features lacking in your own this autumn? Now is the time to take stock, while the images are ... Read More

How to Prune Trees

Thursday October 30, 2008
Why do we prune trees? Steve Nix lists the following reasons to prune trees, and explains each one: Safety Health Aesthetics After answering the "why," About's Forestry Guide proceeds to the "how," using pictures ... Read More

Fothergilla Shrubs

Saturday October 25, 2008
It's hard not to laugh when you hear the name, "fothergilla." It sounds ever so much like something that should tickle upon contact. The blooms of 'Mt. Airy' dwarf fothergilla ... Read More

Carpenter Ant Damage: Are Your Trees at Risk?

Thursday October 23, 2008
Carpenter ant damage on a property is a genuine concern. But under what conditions does carpenter ant damage occur? Are even healthy trees at risk? That's the question Steve Nix ... Read More

Fall Container Gardens

Sunday October 19, 2008
In a post below I mentioned bringing tender outdoor plants indoors. But don't get the wrong impression: even landscaping as I do in a northern clime, I'm not about to ... Read More

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Saturday October 18, 2008
Did you notice any "floral clouds" covering arbors, fences or stone walls this fall? The vine bearing those dense masses of white blooms is called "sweet autumn clematis." Rather nondescript ... Read More

Tips for Bringing Outdoor Plants Indoors

Friday October 17, 2008
The cooler temperatures of autumn bring some decisions about those tender plants you have outdoors. Marie Iannotti notes that "you will have to decide what's worth keeping and how to ... Read More

Watering Systems: Pros and Cons

Thursday October 16, 2008
"There are three basic kinds of watering systems - hoses, sprinklers, and drip irrigation," writes Vanessa Richins. Each has its own pros and cons. I've always used hoses, myself; and, ... Read More

Free Jack-O'-Lantern Patterns

Monday October 13, 2008
Tired of carving up your Halloween jack-o'-lanterns the same old way, year after year? Use these free jack-o'-lantern patterns to carve novel Halloween jack-o'-lanterns this year. Or try something totally ... Read More

Fall Garden Clean-Up

Friday October 10, 2008
Marie Iannotti says she loves working in the fall garden, and those are exactly my sentiments, too. What is it that makes the fall garden such a pleasant place in ... Read More

Fall Color and Autumn Leaf Guide

Thursday October 9, 2008
"I've developed this quick leaf-viewing reference that includes some basic foliage science and leaf viewing tips. You will find enough information here to enhance your next autumn leaf viewing trip," ... Read More

Regional Gardening Calendar for October

Friday October 3, 2008
"While gardeners in warm areas will have more to do than their northern counterparts, there are plenty of garden tasks to keep everyone busy in October," says Marie Iannotti, About's ... Read More

Maidenhair Trees for Fall Foliage

Thursday October 2, 2008
"Maidenhair" trees are so called due to their leaves' resemblance to those of the maidenhair fern. Indeed, many people grow maidenhair trees primarily for the interesting shape of their leaves, ... Read More

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