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David Beaulieu

Landscaping November 2008 Archive


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Dispel the Winter Blues With Blue Holly

Saturday November 29, 2008
I enjoy growing plants that present me with "good dilemmas." For instance, in my article on blue holly shrubs, I note that it can be difficult to decide when to ... Read More

Overwintering Potted Plants

Friday November 28, 2008
Since I'm not the type of gardener who necessarily does things by the book, I always appreciate advice on how to get around this or that rule of gardening. Marie ... Read More

Worst Diseases for Evergreen Trees

Thursday November 27, 2008
While it's a shame to lose any trees to diseases, perhaps we feel the greatest pain when it's evergreen trees that succumb. Evergreen trees win a special place in our ... Read More

Book on Attracting Wildlife to the Landscape

Monday November 24, 2008
Seeking a gift for a lover of plants and wildlife? Consider Janet Marinelli's useful book, The Wildlife Gardener's Guide. The reader is told at the outset that this book differs ... Read More

A Second Look at Sweet Alyssum

Saturday November 22, 2008
I know, I know: a lot of you probably look down upon lowly sweet alyssum. Serious plant people don't bother with such "dirt common" plants, right? If this is how ... Read More

10 Most Common American Trees

Thursday November 20, 2008
In this blog post, Steve Nix cites a United States Forest Service report suggesting that "there may be more than 865 different species of trees" in America. If you live ... Read More

Toxic Tansy

Saturday November 15, 2008
What is tansy? A perennial flower? An herb? An invasive plant? Well, it's all three. Tansy is also poisonous, meaning it's something you want to be able to identify if ... Read More

'Chanticleer' -- Improvement on Bradford Pear Trees

Friday November 14, 2008
When I'm out driving around on the roads of New England this time of year, I can't help but feel a sense of loss. The glorious maples have mainly shed ... Read More

Fall Decorating Ideas

Thursday November 13, 2008
Need some new fall decorating ideas? Coral Nafie is About's Guide to Interior Decorating, but she also has some useful fall decorating ideas for spicing up your outdoor design. Indeed, ... Read More

Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Monday November 10, 2008
Isn't dreary weather reason enough to decorate your lawn or patio with outdoor holiday decorations? With the shorter days and longer nights we're now enduring in the Northern Hemisphere, we ... Read More

When Should You Plant Trees?

Saturday November 8, 2008
Now is a good time to plant trees. The summer heat is behind us, but the ground hasn't frozen yet (as it will do, soon enough, in the North). I even ... Read More

Spring Blooming Bulbs: Trojan Horse or Squirrel Food?

Friday November 7, 2008
If you live in zones 6-7, it's time to plant spring flowering bulbs now. You have to plant them now if you want to enjoy their displays in spring. There's ... Read More

How to Display the American Flag

Monday November 3, 2008
Veterans' Day is coming up next week in the U.S. Many homeowners have had a newly found interest in displaying the American flag since 9/11, and the American flag is ... Read More

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