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David Beaulieu

David Beaulieu

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David Beaulieu's career as a garden writer and dispenser of landscaping tips builds on a decade of prior work in the nursery business. He attributes his accumulation of such a diversity of plant facts to a lifelong love of plants of all kinds.

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David was a regular contributor to Do! (2003-2006), the home and garden magazine published by Highbury House. He has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and by national U.S. magazines such as Woman's World and American Way and the Canadian magazine, Downhome. He has also appeared on "Ask Andrea," the nationally syndicated radio show targeted to do-it-yourself home and garden enthusiasts.

By David Beaulieu:

My approach to presenting do-it-yourself landscaping tips is not only to instruct, but also to inspire. To that end, I try to engage the reader in some of the wonderful narratives that underlie the more mundane of plant facts, for example. Are you deeply passionate about plants? Then you will probably want to know more about them than just name, rank and serial number.

That's why I delve deeper than that for you at every opportunity, detailing not only what a plant looks like and how to grow and use it, but also how it received its name. I may also surprise you with a mythological association from time to time; more frequently, you'll see me divulge facts about traditional culinary or medicinal uses.

Disclaimer: Please note that David is dedicated to making every effort to provide accurate data for the Landscaping website at About.com, but he has not been trained as an attorney, and the content on his website should never be construed as legal advice. Zoning laws and other factors vary from region to region and will have to be researched on a case-by-case basis. Nor does David have medical training; the edibility or toxicity of plants, for example, are issues best referred to medical experts. The information on this website is intended strictly for guidance and inspiration.

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