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David Beaulieu

    Online Landscape Design Course

    My introductory online landscape design course (Course #1 or "Landscaping -- A Yard at a Time") is a free newsletter providing you with landscaping tips to apply to your own yard. Receive a daily newsletter in your emailbox with links to tips for landscape design and maintenance work. It's the perfect learning vehicle for those who don't want to have to "click around" a Web site to discover its contents. Instead, 108 easily digested "lessons" are already organized for continuity and delivered to you daily, one at a time. Learn the field of landscaping over your morning coffee!

    Note for graduates of this online course: The next logical step in your landscaping education is to sign up for free for the "Landscape Planning and Planting" course. After that, you can try Course #3, "Alternative Landscaping," Course #4, "Pick the Right Plant" and Course #5, "Answers to Landscaping Problems."

    You can take the courses in any order you wish, however, since each is an independent entity.

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