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Why is chain-link fencing the best material for security fences?


My picture shows why homeowners often wish to disguise chain-link fencing.

Chain-link fencing may be practical, but people frequently try to disguise it for aesthetic reasons.

David Beaulieu
Question: Why is chain-link fencing the best material for security fences?
Let's ask the question another way. Wrought iron, for example, is also good for security. But is chain-link fencing better, and, if so, why...?

Considering cost as well as effectiveness, chain-link fencing provides homeowners with the best option for security fences.

When using chain-link fencing to provide security, strive for a height of 6’ or greater and a thickness of at least 9-gauge. Avoid solid barriers when erecting security fences. For, while a visual barrier is desirable when erecting privacy walls, it is counterproductive for security, affording trespassers a place to hide.

Thus the virtue of chain-link fencing: it is strong, yet see-through. Wrought iron also makes for good security fences, for the same reasons. But while wrought iron is much more attractive than chain-link fencing, it is also much more expensive. [source: Pauls Valley, OK Police Department]

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