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Black and Decker 16" Hedge Trimmers TR1600

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The Bottom Line

Consider electric hedge trimmers when maneuverability isn't paramount. Because they're light-weight, they're easy on the arms. The fact that you know electric hedge trimmers will start up effortlessly is easy on the nerves. Newer models are now available; click the "Compare Prices" button for an update on what's currently on the market.
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  • Electric hedge trimmers are inexpensive.
  • Electric hedge trimmers are lightweight.
  • Electric hedge trimmers have automatic start-up.


  • Not as maneuverable as cordless models.


  • Low vibration minimizes fatigue, as does the light weight of electric hedge trimmers.
  • These electric hedge trimmers cut branches up to 3/8" thick.
  • Double-edged cutting blades.
  • Auto lock freezes the trigger to keep it in running mode, minimizing trigger-finger strain.
  • This Black & Decker 16-inch electric hedge trimmer has safety trigger-switch.
  • Molded-in cord retainer prevents disconnections to a large degree.
  • Electric hedge trimmers will start up with ease, unlike gas models. And no more gas-mixing!
  • You can use gas models anywhere; electric hedge trimmers are limited to the extension cord's reach.
  • Beware of 1) contact with water, 2) cutting the cord.

Guide Review - Black and Decker 16" Hedge Trimmers TR1600

Like chain saws electric hedge trimmers should have a top handle (with safety shield) to guide them, and a rear handle where the trigger resides. A power cord does not come attached to the electric hedge trimmer. Instead, there is a "male" part housed in the rear handle; you plug the "female" end of an extension cord into this. Usually, I don't like such an arrangement for power equipment: extension cords disconnect too easily from a built-in male part. That's partly why gas-powered and battery-powered equipment are often preferable to corded models. Or, if I'm going to have a corded model, at least I want a mini-cord protruding from the device, so I can knot it up with my extension cord. However, the molded-in cord retainer system of these Black and Decker electric hedge trimmers overcomes this problem to a large degree.
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