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Do I have to continue watering my lawn in late fall?


Question: Do I have to continue watering my lawn in late fall?
Summer's the time for watering lawns, right? You might think that you can skip this task in fall....

You would think that, with all the snow you'll be getting this winter (if you live in the North), you wouldn't have to continue watering lawns in fall (late autumn), right? But you'd be wrong.

You should continue watering your lawn in late fall, until the ground freezes, regardless of the snowfall that you anticipate. The cold temperatures of northern winters create desert conditions. That's right, desert. That word may conjure up images of cacti and succulents and hot sands, but it also applies to regions in which water is locked up in the form of ice. When the ground freezes, the roots of your lawn grass are deprived of water -- regardless of how much snow lies on top of it.

Of course, you don't want to over-water. If your area receives sufficient rainfall in autumn, you may only have to water lawn areas that have been overseeded or new lawns just started. But hot, dry spells occasionally occur in autumn; remember to water the lawn during these spells.

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