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Troy-Bilt Wood Chippers: Review

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The Bottom Line

As anyone knows who lives around trees, lawn clean-up is about more than just leaf-removal, and -- for some of the heavier work -- the 10 HP Troy-Bilt wood chipper gives you the power you need. [2013 update: Now that engine power is discussed in terms of "cc" rather than "hp," seek the CS 4325 model.]

Specifically, I'm talking about cleaning up those branches that litter your lawn after fall hurricanes and winter ice storms. This damage can leave your yard strewn with branches. If you have a large property, owning a wood chipper makes life a lot easier. Turn those branches into wood-chip mulch! But when you need to chip up a branch, you don't want to be handed the short end of the stick when it comes to horsepower. Thus my recommendation to by the 10 HP model.


  • Durability.
  • Power.
  • Ease of storage.


  • The price.


  • Durability: Steel blades built to last.
  • Power: With a 10 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine...
  • This tool has the power for chipping branches up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • Ease of storage: This equipment isn't very wide. No problem finding storage space for it.
  • Not cheap. But then, when feeding a log in, you'll appreciate the power you're paying for.
  • Always follow common-sense safety practices when operating wood chippers....
  • Use safety goggles and ear protection; keep young hands away from the equipment.
  • Rear wheels are pneumatic, an upgrade over wood chippers with those hard plastic wheels.
  • 1-gallon capacity gas tank.
  • Twin-feed for versatility.

Guide Review - Troy-Bilt Wood Chippers: Review

You may be questioning the need for a review of Troy-Bilt wood chippers. Can't the homeowner simply hire someone to do chipping, or perhaps rent the necessary equipment from a local rental center?

The answer is, of course, yes. But depending on the size of your property and its composition (number of trees, etc.), owning your own equipment may save you money in the long run -- and may be more convenient. If that's the calculation you've made regarding your own situation, then this review is for you.

If you've only begun to make such a calculation and wonder how much use you'd get out of such equipment, let me paint a picture (decide whether this applies to you). You're committed to recycling those raked leaves, right? But storms have shaken large tree branches loose, and they're mingled in with the leaves. How can you recycle these branches? Having a wood chipper would help.

But the benefits don't end there. Wood chippers double as leaf shredders, so that you can also turn those leaves into compost faster. In addition, feeding garden plants into shredders after the harvest, before adding them to the compost pile, hastens decomposition.

See my point? Wood chippers are versatile; once you have one, you'll be spoiled.

But what features do you look for when purchasing wood chippers? Durability and power head the list. This Troy-Bilt wood chipper / shredder has both these features. It's got tough steel blades to grind up all that coarse debris, and it's powered by a 10 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. You can feel confident as you feed branches up to 3 inches in diameter into the hopper or chipper chute. If you're shredding leaves that will need to be hauled somewhere, save yourself an extra step by simply hooking up the 5-bushel collection bag.

Troy-Bilt also makes cheaper wood chippers / leaf shredders with a 6.5 HP engine. My advice is not to waste your money on wood chippers with less than 10 HP. Wood chipping is tough work for a piece of equipment; this is not an area of grounds maintenance where you want to make compromises on power. Troy-Bilt does, however, also make a 5.5 HP chipper / shredder / vacuum useful for fall leaf removal. Check for availability.

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