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Basket Weave Pattern for Bricks


Basketweave Pattern

Picture: the basket weave pattern.

David Beaulieu

When laying bricks -- for a brick patio, for instance -- various designs, or paving patterns can be used. One of these paving patterns is known as "basket weave" pattern; another popular brick pattern is called "herringbone." For a graphic illustration of what the basket weave design looks like, see the picture at right.

The basket weave pattern is essentially composed of pairs of bricks. Picture a square area in which 8 bricks are to be laid (2 columns and 2 rows, consisting of 4 pairs of bricks). The basket weave pattern would run as follows, starting from the upper left corner and ending at the lower right: 2 bricks standing vertically, 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks vertically.

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