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Picture of pin oak with fall foliage.

Oak trees are deciduous.

David Beaulieu

"Deciduous" is a designation indicating a plant sheds its foliage at the end of the growing season. The term is used primarily in reference to trees and shrubs, in contrast with those that are "evergreen."

The best-known deciduous trees are the fall foliage trees. The latter attract so-called "leaf peepers" in droves every autumn season, when the color of their leaves changes (usually from green to a brighter color, such as red, yellow or orange). After this brilliant display, many shed their foliage before winter and do not regain it until their buds unfurl in spring.

To remember what "deciduous" means, try relating it to the word, "decadent." Both come from the Latin root meaning "fall." The leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs fall, just as the grandeur of a decadent nation takes a mighty tumble.

The following are some examples of deciduous shrubs:

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