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Dormancy is the temporary diminution or cessation of a plant’s growth, usually slightly prior ot and during winter in the temperate zone. The corresponding adjective for this noun is "dormant."

Occasionally the term, "dormancy" is also applied to the land itself. Thus the land during periods in which no primary crop is being grown on it is said to be in a state of dormancy. Note, however, that a secondary, or "cover" crop may be grown on the land during periods when it is dormant.

Now that you know what the word means, let's consider why the concept is important to understand in caring for your landscaping:

The best time to transplant many plants and the best time to prune some of them is when the plant is in a state of dormancy, because, while the plant is dormant, you do not run the risk of stressing it or interfering with its growth processes. For more on pruning and transplanting, consult the following resources:

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