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Loamy Soils



Loamy soils are friable, possessing a mixture of clay, sand and humus that is ideal for growing plants. People who are not lucky enough to inherit a property with such "dirt" often buy it, having a truck deliver a load (priced in cubic feet). Be careful that the load doesn't contain the rhizomes of an invasive weed such as Japanese knotweed.

Acquiring loamy soil in this manner can become quite expensive if you're attempting to cover large areas with it. One compromise is to garden with raised beds. These structures come in many shapes and sizes. If you want just a small planting area but want it to double as an outdoor bench, view my tutorial on building raised beds in which I show you how to erect a waist-level structure. A great virtue of such a raised bed is that you don't have to bend over to weed it!

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Loamy soils are every gardener's dream.
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