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Stamen or Staminate



In plant reproduction terminology, staminate literally means "bearing stamens." Staminate plant parts, or stamens are "male": i.e., they produce pollen.

Winterberry holly and pussy willows are examples of dioecious plants, with stamens being born on separate, male plants. The female winterberry holly plants are the plants landscaping enthusiasts desire -- for their berries. But male plants, with their stamens, must be included in plantings for fertilization.

With pussy willows, by contrast, it is the male plants that are highly sought after, not the females. The prized "pussy willows" are the staminate catkins -- they are found only on male plants.

In some instances, the stamens on a plant are one of its most attractive features. Such is the case with hibiscus flowers, including the type often grown in northern landscapes: Hibiscus syriacus.

Common Misspellings: stamenate

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