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Deer-Proof Plan
Landscape a Border With Deer-Resistant Plants

Do you need a deer-proof plan for your Bambi-challenged landscape? The sampling planting of deer-resistant plants shown here assumes a garden area approximately 30 feet long by 15 feet wide. Adjust garden plantings accordingly to correspond to the area of your own landscaping design plan. For instance, if your area is twice as long, try doubling the deer-resistant plantings shown (one circle in the design plan sketched above represents one deer-resistant plant).

When drawing a landscaping design plan try to use odd numbers, unless you are striving for the symmetry of a formal plan. For most informal landscaping plans, it is generally agreed that odd-numbered plantings look better than do even-numbered plantings.

Before sketching the plantings in a garden design plan, measure the dimensions of the area to be planted. Use grid paper, so that you can then match those dimensions to the plan that you're drawing in an orderly fashion. If you're using computer software for drawing your plan (such as Adobe Illustrator, with which the free landscaping plan shown above was drawn), select "Show Grid" from the View menu in order to have the grid pattern show on your screen.

-- David Beaulieu

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