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What is the up-front cost of a heated driveway?


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Question: What is the up-front cost of a heated driveway?

The exact cost to purchase a snow-melt system or "heated driveway" depends on many factors, such as whether the heated driveway can be tied into your home’s heating system, or must stand on its own. Another factor is the type of control scheme you choose -- a manual or an automated system. The latter are more expensive, and the cost goes up the more sophisticated they get.

But to give you some idea of up-front cost, let's assume you'll purchase a manual system. Systems regulated by manual control schemes usually cost "$10-$15/square foot," according to John Sweaney, design engineer at Watts Radiant. For example, if the total square footage of your driveway were 1000 feet, your up-front cost to have a snowmelt system installed under the whole driveway would be $10,000-$15,000.

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