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Cheap Snow Plowing Rates

Snow Plows and the Heated Driveways Alternative


Having already explored a few snow-removal options on Page 1, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and ask, What about the "old reliable" method for snow removal? No, I'm not referring to heated driveways; that technology, which I mention below, is too new to receive the "old reliable" tag. Instead, the method to which I refer entails standing in a snowbank up to your thighs at the front of your driveway, a sullen look on your face and a banged-up shovel slung over a drooping shoulder, waiting for drivers in pickup trucks with snow plows to drive by and make you an offer.

The drawback here is obvious: If you need to get your car out onto the roads in a hurry, then this method just won't do. But if time is not a concern for you, then you can find some cheap snow plowing rates this way -- with or without the sullen look. Truck drivers with snow plows who are on their way home (after taking care of regular customers) are sometimes not averse to picking up a few extra bucks, if you're willing to keep the snow plowing simple.

There's some new snow-removal equipment on the market now that's anything but simple. You don't operate this equipment; rather, it lives under your driveway. I'm referring to snowmelt systems, also called "heated driveways." For an introduction to this new technology, please consult my FAQ on Heated Driveways.

But heated driveways come with a hefty price tag. If you still think hiring snow plows is your best snow-removal option, continue on to Page 3. We'll discuss a more reliable way of obtaining snow plowing help than the "old reliable" method....

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