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Overseeding Lawns With Cool-Season Grasses - Landscaping
When cool-season grasses take a beating from the summer's heat, overseeding lawns is the answer to rejuvenate them. This job is best done in September.
Overseeding Lawns With Warm-Season Grasses - Landscaping
Temporary lawn renovation is achieved for Southern winters by overseeding lawns composed of warm-season grasses with cool-season annual ryegrass.
Overseeding Your Lawn - Landscaping - About.com
Want to learn how to avoid overseeding your lawn? Here, see tips and tricks for making sure you're not overseeding.
Fall Lawn Overseeding to Repair Grass - Lawn Care - About.com
Fall is the best time to overseed a lawn or repair thin or bare areas. The cool nights and mild, shorter days provide the ideal conditions for seed germination.
Spring Lawn Care - Landscaping - About.com
This solution is known as "overseeding lawns." Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer when you overseed. Five weeks after the grass germinates, apply a ...
overseed - Lawn Care - About.com
The process of seeding over an existing lawn to rejuvenate the turf and/or fill in thin areas or bare patches. In the south, overseeding refers more to the sowing of  ...
Overseeding - What Is Overseeding? Video
The concept of over seeding in the north is to help increase turf density. Many people have thin lawns or areas that are shaded that need to be repaired because ...
Winter Rye Grass - Planting Winter Lawns in Greater Phoenix
That means that you must cut it back and thin it to allow room for your new grass. The planting of the rye grass in the winter is called overseeding, because you ...
Topdressing the Lawn: Materials and Methods
Topdressing after aerating and overseeding is the ideal trio of lawn care chores that will result in a healthier lawn. The aerating opens up the soil, allowing for ...
Overseeding on Golf Courses - About.com
Definition: "Overseeding" refers to a maintenance process on golf courses in which grass seed is spread on top of the existing grass to promote new growth or to ...
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