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Building Decks: DIY Construction Step-by-Step - Landscaping
DIYers should consult my guide to building decks for help. I offer step-by-step instruction on do-it-yourself deck construction and design.
Wooden Decks and Wooden Garden Arbors - Design, Building Tips
If you need design tips for wooden decks or garden arbors, use my tutorials. They 're illustrated with pictures and geared for beginners.
Deck Pictures to Browse for Design Ideas - Landscaping - About.com
Browse these deck pictures for design ideas. The images are supplemented with links to information discussing their designs.
Deck - Page Layout and Desktop Publishing
Often seen in newsletters and magazines, the deck is one or more lines of text found between the headline and the body of the article. The deck elaborates or ...
How to Power Wash a Wood Deck - Introduction - Home Repair
This tutorial reviews the steps and issues you need to know about safely cleaning your wood deck with a power washer without damaging the wood.
Deck - Skateboarding Dictionary - About.com
Skateboard decks are classically made from 7 plys of wood, usually maple, laminated together. Decks are often decorated with graphics from the company that ...
The Best Woods for Decks and Porches - Architecture - About.com
To build a better deck or porch, be sure to choose a better wood. Here are our top picks for the best wood to use for decks and porches.
Outdoor Deck Designs, Types and Locations
You want to build a deck (not a patio) from wood or composite decking materials. Next comes a deck type or design, which will be determined by where the deck ...
Cleaning and Brightening - Wood Deck Oxygen Cleaner
Wood decks require maintenance just like any other part of your home. This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary for wood deck cleaning prior to  ...
Building a Deck - Deck Ideas, Care and Maintenance - Decks 101
Whether your deck is new or in need or repair or an upgrade, you know that it is something that you can't build and just leave alone. Like a swimming pool or spa  ...
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