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Drought-Resistant Plants - Landscaping - About.com
So-called drought-resistant plants are, by definition, tolerant of low-water conditions. But while the definition is straightforward enough, we find that it's not so ...
Drought Tolerant Perennials Garden Plan - Landscaping - About.com
If you wish to grow flowers in an area pounded by full sun all day, consider a landscape plan that focuses on drought-tolerant perennials. The use of such plants ...
Drought-Tolerant Ground-Cover Perennial Flowers - Landscaping
I value Angelina as a low-growing plant with chartreuse foliage. As a bonus, this drought-tolerant ground cover spreads quickly, effectively filling in your problem ...
Drought Tolerant Plants - Gardening - About.com
A major principle of xeriscape gardening is choosing appropriate plants for your site, especially dry sites. Here's a partial list of drought tolerant plants to get your  ...
Drought Tolerant Perennial Flowers for Dry Areas - Gardening
10 perennial plants that may surprise you with their drought tolerance. While water is crucial to growing healthy plants,these perennials that can withstand ...
Drought-Tolerant Plant List - Gardening - About.com
Designing a drought-tolerant, or xeric, garden doesn't mean you can't use plants you already love. Many garden plants are very drought-tolerant, as you can see ...
Drought-Tolerant Shrubs - Examples of Popular Types - Landscaping
Drought-tolerant shrubs come in mighty handy for people with busy lifestyles. When you're busy with a career, plant care may go on the back burner now and ...
Hens and Chicks - Drought-Tolerant Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Hens and chicks plants are surprisingly hardy perennials, for succulents, and exhibit drought-tolerance. Peruse my growing tips (with picture) to learn more.
Drought-Tolerant Trees - Examples for Your Landscaping
Another common plant name for red maple is "swamp maple." This fact could well lead you to believe that Acer rubrum is not a drought-tolerant tree. But don't be ...
Xeriscaping Plants: A Drought-Resistant Approach - Landscaping
Drought necessitates the use of xeriscaping plants and other cheaper alternatives to that thirsty grass of lawns that requires so much water. Learn more here.
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