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Drought Tolerant Perennials Garden Plan - Landscaping - About.com
If you wish to grow flowers in an area pounded by full sun all day, consider a landscape plan that focuses on drought-tolerant perennials. The use of such plants ...
Drought-Resistant Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Drought-resistant plants tolerate dry periods, by definition. But you expect more than that from ... Dry Ground? Drought-Tolerant Ground Covers to the Rescue ...
Full-Sun Plants - Perennials That Can Take the Heat - Landscaping
Full-sun plants are often perfect for rock gardens, for example. Learn about some types of drought-tolerant perennials before you buy a plant for that hot spot.
Drought Tolerant Plants - Gardening - About.com
A major principle of xeriscape gardening is choosing appropriate plants for your site, especially dry sites. Here's a partial list of drought tolerant plants to get your  ...
Xeriscaping: Drought-Tolerant Plants for the Conscientious Gardener
Many garden plants are very drought-tolerant, as you can see from the list of plants here and the tips for creating a successful drought-tolerant garden.
Drought Tolerant Perennial Flowers for Dry Areas - Gardening
10 perennial plants that may surprise you with their drought tolerance. While water is crucial to growing healthy plants,these perennials that can withstand ...
What is Drought Tolerant - Pool & Patio - About.com
Most drought tolerant plants are what are considered native plants in a particular region. They are the plants, shrubs and trees that graced the landscape long ...
Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants for Organic Xeriscaping
As we move into the summer months, and with so many areas experiencing a short fall of rain, gardeners are looking for plants that will be drought tolerant.
8 Heat Tolerant Plants for Containers
While lantanas are usually advertised as drought-tolerant plants for the garden, container-grown plants will wilt if the potting mix is allowed to dry out. Either treat  ...
Hens and Chicks - Drought-Tolerant Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Hens and chicks plants are surprisingly hardy perennials, for succulents, and exhibit drought-tolerance. Peruse my growing tips (with picture) to learn more.
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