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Building Fences - Help Deciding on Materials, Design - Landscaping
Building fences means deciding on materials and a design, even if you're hiring a pro to do the job. These tips will aid both DIYers and those hiring help.
Photo of Gothic Style Picket Fence - Landscaping - About.com
These fence pictures illustrate some of the different types of fences. Included in this photo gallery are photos displaying plantings around fencing. As my fence ...
Fence Designs - Choosing Between the Different Fencing Styles
Fence designs that catch your attention in other people's yards are probably those that are the most stylish. Indeed, the right fencing style can add beauty to your ...
US - Mexico Border Fence Pros and Cons - Immigration Issues
The southern border of the United States is shared with Mexico and spans almost 2,000 miles. Fences are being built along one-third, or approximately 670 ...
"Fences," a Play by August Wilson - Plays/Drama - About.com
Overview: Arguably August Wilson's most renowned work, Fences explores the life and relationships of the Maxson family. This moving drama was written in ...
Tools for Building Fences on the Farm - Small Farms - About.com
These are the basic tools you will need for putting up fencing on your small farm or homestead.
PVC Vinyl Fences - Pros and Cons - Landscaping - About.com
While many privacy screens are made of wood, PVC vinyl fences are garnering an increasingly large share of the market. What are their pros and cons?
Choosing Between Types of Wood Fences - Landscaping - About.com
The present article on wood fences serves as an introduction to my photo gallery of fence pictures, in which I discuss examples not only of wood fences but also ...
Why Is Chain-Link Fencing Best for Security Fences? - Landscaping
Avoid solid barriers when erecting security fences. For, while a visual barrier is desirable when erecting privacy walls, it is counterproductive for security, ...
Fence Design for Privacy - What Choices Do You Have With Wood?
Below is just a brief introduction to this topic; if you would like to learn more, please consult my full article on wood fences, which includes a link to pictures of  ...
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