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Creeping Jenny Groundcover - Landscaping - About.com
As its name suggests, creeping jenny is a groundcover. As my photo illustrates, this lovely invasive plant can be grown in a container to keep it in bounds.
Using Focal Points When Planting Flower Beds - Moneywort Picture
But since I'm growing this "creeping jenny" in a container, I can always pick it up and move it into the shade for a spell, if necessary. Besides, landscaping in New  ...
Picture of Creeping Jenny - Landscaping - About.com
Picture of a golden creeping Jenny, spilling over a blue ceramic container. Both the color of the golden creeping Jenny and that of the blue ceramic container fit ...
Creeping Jenny - A Great Container Plant - Container Gardening
I use a lot of golden creeping Jenny, which is also called creeping Charlie, and moneywort, (botanical name Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'), in containers.
Let Creeping Jenny Climb, Spread and Spill - Pool & Patio - About ...
This vigorous perennial is a European native, naturalized in eastern North America. But Creeping Jenny acclimates quite well in many settings, including ...
Container Garden in an Old Bucket - Container Gardening - About.com
This old bucket is filled with blue fescue, creeping Jenny and portulaca.
Creeping Charlie Plants or Ground Ivy Weeds - Picture - Landscaping
But don't let the name fool you: cats (and dogs) can get sick by eating large quantities of creeping charlie. Sometimes it is also referred to as "creeping jenny, " ...
How to Grow Persian Shield in Pots
I have paired it with red coleus, as well as sweet potato vine and creeping Jenny. It also looks good with silvery plants and those with chartreuse foliage.
Window Boxes - Picture of Window Boxes in Wiscasset, Maine
In this picture, the use of orange pansies and calibrachoa, along with the bright green creeping Jenny, white nicotiania and the deep purple of the sweet potato ...
Creeping Plants - What Does "Creepers" Mean - Landscaping
Creeping plants are sometimes called "creepers. ... Note, however, that creeping jenny is an invasive in North America; to keep it "within bounds," grow it in ...
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