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How to Make Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns From Gourds - Landscaping
One way to make Halloween jack-o-lanterns is to use gourds, which are more permanent than pumpkins. Learn how to grow and carve gourds to make ...
Ideas for Fall Yard Decorations From the Ohio Gourd Show
Pick up some ideas for fall yard decorations at the Ohio Gourd Show. Ideas for making jack-o'-lanterns and birdhouses from gourds are just the beginning.
Ornamental Gourds - Picture of Gourds in a Bushel Basket
Picture of gourds providing fall color. While the hard shell varieties are used for bird houses and the like, ornamental gourds mainly provide fall color.
Growing a Variety of Ornamental Gourds - Gardening - About.com
Growing gourds is easy and extremely rewarding. By drying ornamental gourds, you can keep them intact indefinitely and use them to make bird houses, ...
How to Dry or Cure Ornamental Birdhouse Gourds - Gardening
Drying gourds keeps them around indefinitely. It's an easy process, but it takes time. Here's all you need to know about how to dry gourds. What you make of ...
Gourd Bird Houses - Making Birdhouses Out of Birdhouse Gourds
Growing birdhouse gourds is easy and turning them into bird houses is just as simple. However you have to be a bit patient and allow the gourds to dry, or cure,  ...
Gourd Bird Houses - Making Bird Houses from Your Gourds
They don't call them birdhouse gourds for nothing. With little effort, turn your birdhouse gourd into an actual gourd bird house. These step-by-step instructions  ...
How to Dry or Cure Hard-Skinned Gourds Video
Drying hard-skinned gourds is a great way to have fun looking decorations. Learn how to dry or cure hard-skinned gourds with this demonstration.
Gourd Bird Houses - Painting Gourds - Gardening - About.com
I've found hanging the gourds and spray painting is the easiest way for me to get good coverage. I'm doing that here by suspending a broom handle across 2 ...
Gourd Art and Painted Gourds - Painting - About.com
Information on all aspects of gourd art, from how to grow your own gourds and drying them, to painting gourds and making gourd art.
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