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What Is Hardscape? Learn Examples of Popular Projects
What is hardscape? Here I not only define the term but also supply examples, linking to tutorials that introduce beginners to the topic.
Great Hardscape Ideas - Landscaping - About.com
There are great hardscape ideas everywhere; just be observant while taking a walk around any city, or a drive around any neighborhood. In the meantime, use  ...
Hardscape - Landscaping With Rock - About.com
Hardscape, i.e., landscaping with rock and other hard materials, is discussed in this piece. Hardscaping complements softscape, as when a patio sets off a lawn.
Books on Hardscape - Reviews - Landscaping - About.com
"Hardscape" is a sub-topic of landscaping and covers a lot of territory. My reviews of hardscape books reflect something of the scope of the subject. I review ...
Designing With Mixed Hardscape Materials
The result of using mixed hardscape materials in this way is a structure that is a little more interesting. It is bordered with large pieces of granite, and there is a ...
Landscaping With Stones - About.com
You say that your landscaping is complete? Then show me your stones. That's right, landscaping stones. The artful application of hardscape could enhance the  ...
What Is Hardscaping? Which Materials Does It Encompass?
... that will provide your landscaping with a focal point, you can install a water fountain for your garden pond. Back to > Hardscape FAQ Index · Back to > Index to ...
Hardscape in Cottage Gardens - Landscaping - About.com
Any design as plant-heavy as the cottage garden style can profit from some well- placed hardscape features. I mentioned using arbors when designing a cottage ...
Hardscape Ideas for Kids - Children's Garden
Hardscape ideas for children begin with making your landscaping project an adventure for your kids. Use hardscape materials and designs that will create an  ...
Should You Start Hardscape Projects First, or Softscape?
Do you begin your landscaping work with hardscape projects or softscape? Learn the answer -- and why -- in this FAQ.
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