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What Is Hardscape? Learn Examples of Popular Projects
What is hardscape? Here I not only define the term but also supply examples, linking to tutorials that introduce beginners to the topic.
Great Hardscape Ideas - Landscaping - About.com
There are great hardscape ideas everywhere; just be observant while taking a walk around any city, or a drive around any neighborhood. In the meantime, use  ...
Designing With Mixed Hardscape Materials
Here is a great idea for designing with mixed hardscape materials. Don't think materials have to be kept distinct from each other; a.
Books on Hardscape - Reviews - Landscaping - About.com
Books on hardscape cover subject matter ranging from how to build decks to how to build water features. See what I have to say in my book reviews before ...
Hardscape - Landscaping With Rock - About.com
Hardscape, i.e., landscaping with rock and other hard materials, is discussed in this piece. Hardscaping complements softscape, as when a patio sets off a lawn.
What Is Hardscaping? Which Materials Does It Encompass?
... that will provide your landscaping with a focal point, you can install a water fountain for your garden pond. Back to > Hardscape FAQ Index · Back to > Index to ...
Hardscape in Cottage Gardens - Landscaping - About.com
Any design as plant-heavy as the cottage garden style can profit from some well- placed hardscape features. I mentioned using arbors when designing a cottage ...
Hardscape or Hardscaping - Pool and Patio - About.com
Definition: In landscape or garden design, hardscape refers to the hard or solid areas in the outdoor space. These “hard” areas may be made of materials like ...
Hardscape Ideas for Kids - Children's Garden
Hardscape ideas for children begin with making your landscaping project an adventure for your kids. Use hardscape materials and designs that will create an  ...
Landscaping With Stones - About.com
The artful application of hardscape could enhance the natural elements that you' ve already employed -- namely, your plants, or softscape. And the aesthetic and ...
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