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What Does "Invasive" Plants Mean? - Landscaping - About.com
What does it mean when gardeners and conservationists refer to "invasive" plants. Such plants have a quality that separates them from merely aggressive ...
Invasive Plants Photos - Beware the Beautiful Barbarian
Photos of invasive plants can aid you in identifying them; nor are these lovely examples hard on the eyes. In this photo gallery I focus on beautiful invaders.
Silk Trees - Beautiful Invasive Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Invasive plants, silk trees are lovely, as this picture shows. Too bad their seedlings come up all over the place!
Invasive Plants - What Defines a Plant as an Invasive Plant Species?
According to Federal Laws and Regulations Executive Order 13112, “"Invasive species" means an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause ...
List of Worst Invasive Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Some of the worst invasive plants are pretty. Their good looks is precisely why many of the worst offenders were able to take over in lands they now pillage.
Best Way to Get Rid of Invasive Plants - Landscaping - About.com
What is the best way to get rid of invasive plants? The answer will depend on the particular pests you're trying to remove and your own preferences.
Types of Invasive Plants Video - Landscaping - About.com
There are all different kinds of invasive plants that can take over your landscape really quickly. This video from About.com will show you a few different types of ...
Norway Maple Facts - Landscaping - About.com
Unfortunately, they are invasive plants in North America. Steve Nix, About.com Forestry Guide, supplies a couple of other reasons why you might wish to ...
Native Plants - Choosing Native Plant Alternatives to Invasive Plants
What's special about the BBG's "Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants" is that it gives us attractive, acceptable alternatives to plants we already love, rather than  ...
Evening Primrose - Don't Be Led Down This Primrose Path
While evening primrose has an attractive yellow flower (as my picture shows), Oenothera biennis can be an invasive plant. It is one tough weed to pull up!
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