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Landscape Architecture - What Do Architects in This Field Do?
In this definition of landscape architecture, I offer a rudimentary understanding of what architects in this field do. One of the most famous is Olmsted.
How to Find a Landscape Architect - Landscaping - About.com
In trying to find a landscape architect, seek information "through the grapevine." The ideal is to hire one to whom a trusted local gives a positive review.
What Is Landscape Design? - Landscaping - About.com
Landscape design is the art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard, an urban area, etc., for aesthetic or practical purposes. It is often divided into two ...
Landscape Architect - Career Information and Profile
A landscape architect designs residential areas, parks, shopping centers, parkways, golf courses and school campuses in order to make them beautiful, as well ...
Landscape Architect Quiz - Career Planning - About.com
Should you become a landscape architect - take this quiz to find out if you should become a landscape architect.
What is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and ...
What's the difference between landscape architects and landscape or garden designers? Apparently, more than you may realize. Learn who does what before  ...
Landscape Design Schools - Programs - Landscaping - About.com
Q. Are there any particular landscape design schools you would recommend for someone wishing to become a landscape designer? A. I can tell you about the ...
Landscape Architect - Landscape Architect Career Information
Learn about having a career as a landscape architect - find out what landscape architects do and how much they earn, what the educational and other ...
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture - About.com
From city parks to entire cities, landscape architects, civil engineers, artists, and urban planners work together to design vast public spaces. Learn about the ...
Landscape Architecture - Careers - About.com
Interested in a career in landscape design? Here are facts about the profession, with resources and interviews with professionals.
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