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Lawn Edging - Definition, and Choices for Materials - Landscaping
On an aesthetic level, lawn edging is a line of demarcation that creates visual interest in a landscape by separating one segment of your yard from another.
How to Install Lawn Edging - Illustrated Tutorial - Landscaping
Learn how to install lawn edging to lower maintenance. Edging keeps grass stolons out of garden beds; incorporating a mowing strip into your lawn facilitates  ...
Mowing Strips Made With Precast Concrete Pavers - Landscaping
There's no "rule" that says you must install lawn edging between a lawn and a garden, nor are mowing strips obligatory (see below). I've often gone without ...
How to Edge a Lawn - Landscaping - About.com
Learn how to edge a lawn. My instructions are preceded by a discussion of edging options, materials and tools.
Would You Use Plastic Edging or Another Material? - Landscaping
Plastic edging performs such practical tasks as keeping grass stolons out of perennial beds. But it also defines a border, so is it an attractive enough material ?
Install Landscape Timber Edging in 10 Simple Steps - Landscaping
Landscape timber edging is quick and simple to install. In this 10-page tutorial, using pictures, I illustrate how to install an attractive framing that will add a touch  ...
Pressure-Treated Landscape Timbers - Landscaping - About.com
Any description of supplies for this edging project must, of course, include the pressure-treated landscape timbers, themselves. If you wish to read more about ...
How to Hide Plastic Garden Edging - Landscaping - About.com
There's more than one way to hide plastic garden edging. One is with ... Use a black mulch with black plastic landscape edging to hide it. - David Beaulieu.
Interlocking Concrete Pavers as Mowing Strips - Landscaping
How to Install Lawn Edging. By David Beaulieu · Landscaping Expert. Share this ... Landscaping Essentials. A forsythia hedge (image) is set off by evergreens.
How to Edge a Garden Video
Edging your garden not only creates a clean, attractive line, but it also helps stop lawn grass from creating extra weeds. Learn how to edge your garden in just a ...
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