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Pruning Shrubs - Information for Beginners - Landscaping - About.com
Familiarize yourself with the basics of pruning shrubs in this introduction, including the proper cutting angle to use when cutting. It's easy once you learn how.
Prune Shrubs - How to Prune Shrubs - Pruning ... - Landscaping
Have your shrubs grown out of control? These shrub pruning tips will help you get your yard back in order.
Rejuvenating Old Shrubs by Root Pruning - Landscaping - About.com
If you're asking, Why are my old shrubs not blooming? root pruning could offer a solution. This trick may improve flowering, and I tell you how to do it here.
Pruning - The Rule of 1/3 for Shrubs - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
The “rule of one-third” in pruning is a limit to how much you should take off at one time. It's also a ... This maximum is really meant for established shrubs. Ads.
Care of Shrubs and Bushes - Landscaping - About.com
Care of shrubs begins with selecting the right plants for the right spot and planting them properly. From there, care of bushes extends to pruning, overwintering, ...
When to Prune Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs - Gardening
When you can't wait to get started in the spring garden, a good task to undertake is pruning. Most trees and shrubs benefit from annual pruning. It keep them in ...
Landscaping Hints - Best Time to Prune Shrubs
What's the best time to prune shrubs? It depends on the type of shrubbery you have: pruning shrubs grown for their floral displays requires a different mindset ...
How and When to Prune Trees, Shrubs and Vines - Gardening
Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Vines. Knowing the best time to prune trees, shrubs and vines results in healthier, better performing plants. Learning the right ...
When to Prune Flowering Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
To answer the question of when to prune flowering shrubs, we must first determine the reason behind the pruning. Do you wish to rejuvenate overgrown,  ...
Pruning Tools - Equipment Needed for Pruning Plants, Trees & Shrubs
Pruning plants intimidates gardeners. It shouldn't. Pruning is one of the best things you can do for the plants in your garden and landscape. Becoming proficient ...
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