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Chrysanthemums and Hardy Mums - Colorful Fall Flowers
Taxonomy of Hardy Mums: Although formerly referred to as Dendranthema, plant taxonomy now classifies chrysanthemums under the genus, Chrysanthemum.
Caring for Chrysanthemums Video - Landscaping - About.com
Care for your garden's chrysanthemums, or mums, begins in the spring, after the last frost. Planting too late will result in mums that never bloom and then are ...
Red Mums Picture - Autumn Color With Chrysanthemums
View my photo of 'Autumn Red' mums to see what all the fuss is about. Chrysanthemums with these terrific fall colors are truly standouts for ...
Growing Hardy Mums - Chrysanthemums for Your Garden - Gardening
Chrysanthemums or 'Mums' are a stalwart of the autumn garden. With varieties hardy in most climates and their ability to be pinched and forced to bloom at the ...
Tips for Making Mums in Containers Last - Container Gardening
Mums are as ubiquitous as pumpkins in the fall. You can find them everywhere and anywhere from nurseries to supermarkets to gas stations. However, once ...
Hardy Mums - How to Over Winter Mums in the Garden - Gardening
Mums are ubiquitous in fall gardens. However for mums to be truly hardy, they are best planted in the spring. The mums for sale in fall nurseries have been ...
Beyond Mums - Five Fall Plants for Container Gardens
Mums and asters are all over the place in the fall, but there are lots of other plants that can look great. Here are five fall plants that can turn your garden planters ...
Mums and Asters - Flowers - About.com
Mums and asters continue to be fall favorites of gardeners everywhere. The plants are often sold side-by-side, and they look similar with their daisy-like flowers ...
Fall Garden Mums - Flowers - About.com
Flowers seem to breathe an audible sigh of relief when the final dog days of summer are past. Many gardeners are familiar with the popular garden mums that ...
10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers for the Perennial Garden - Gardening
There are many varieties of mums, not all particularly hardy. The plants sold in the fall as 'Hardy Mums' should have been sold to us in the spring, to be reliably ...
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