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Bluestone Pavers a Great Choice for Patios
Bluestone pavers are a type of paving stone. More specifically, they are a kind of sandstone and usually come from quarries in Pennsylvania and New York.
Kinds of Stone Pavers - Landscaping - About.com
Sometimes, "stone pavers" is a term employed rather loosely. To avoid confusion, it behooves the beginner to learn just what exactly they are all about, including ...
How to Install Pavers for Patios (Selection to Cleaning) - Landscaping
Learn how to install pavers, from selection to laying a base to making cuts. In this guide, you'll find instructions for all the steps required, right up to cleaning.
Use Concrete Pavers for Easy Patios - Landscaping - About.com
If you like natural building materials, then concrete pavers may be considered the "poor relation" when compared to such choices as bluestone, travertine and ...
Installing Patio Pavers - Landscaping - About.com
You may not think of this fact when installing patio pavers (unless you are prone to daydreaming), but when you lay down these solid materials to create flat ...
How to Choose the Right Driveway Paver Options
If you are tired of the same-ol'-same-ol' when it comes to driveways, maybe it's time to start thinking about using driveway pavers on your next project. Sure ...
How to Design With Patio Pavers - Landscaping - About.com
Designing with patio pavers can be intimidating if you don't have a lot of experience, although such work is fun and rewarding once you arm yourself with  ...
Use Cobblestone Pavers for an Aged Look - Landscaping - About.com
Cobblestone pavers are a type of paving stone. They are best known as having been used traditionally for paving roads. While most roads today are paved with ...
Pros and Cons of a Concrete Paver Driveway - Garages - About.com
Concrete pavers are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool surrounds. The pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a strong ...
Asphalt Driveway Edging with Cobblestone Pavers - Garages
Even if the edges are in good shape, or the driveway is made of concrete, pavers or loose materials such as gravel or stone, installing a border of attractive ...
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