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Plants of China Introduced to Western Gardens - Landscaping
My article gives examples of the plants of China that have become popular in Western landscaping. Learn also about the collectors who brought them to the ...
Chinese Lantern Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Taxonomy of Chinese Lantern Plants: Taxonomy classifies Chinese lantern plants as Physalis alkekengi (sometimes listed as P. franchetii). Other members of ...
Invasive Plants Photos - Beware the Beautiful Barbarian
Photos of invasive plants can aid you in identifying them; nor are these lovely ... in the Orient brought back plants from China and elsewhere that had caught their  ...
House Plants: China Dolls and pruning in the Winter ... - AllExperts
Nov 17, 2005 ... china dolls, moist soil, house plants: Hi Ben, Most plants, including China doll, get their new growth at the ENDS of healthy branches and stems ...
Chinese Loropetalum Plant - a "Ruby" of a Shrub - Landscaping
Plant Taxonomy of Chinese Loropetalum Plant: Plant taxonomy classifies Chinese loropetalum as Loropetalum chinense. "Chinese fringe flower" is listed as a ...
Peony Plants - Big Blooms, Fantastic Fragrance - Landscaping
The common Chinese peony plants (picture) are herbaceous perennials, but a tree form also exists. Learn how to grow these fragrant old-time favorites.
Tree Peonies - Flower Extravaganza - Landscaping - About.com
Tree peonies are robust plants with jaw-dropping flowers. ... Because tree peonies are plants from China (and surrounding areas), you will sometimes see them ...
Hollyhocks - Plants That Are Tall, Black and Handsome - Landscaping
Some plants have flowers so dark as to be considered black. ... Alcea, a plant indigenous to China, may be grown in planting zones 4-10 (or even lower, ...
Landscaping With Fragrant Plants - About.com
These fragrant plants come from China. Peonies are a triple threat, boasting blooms that are gorgeous in appearance and that exude a heavenly aroma; they  ...
List of Worst Invasive Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Some of the worst invasive plants are pretty. ... the North American grower must distinguish between American wisteria vines and their Chinese counterparts.
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