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Ratchet Pruners - Review - Landscaping - About.com
In this review I explain what 'ratchet pruners' are. An anvil type (as opposed to bypass), they're helpful to those with hand trouble.
Pole Tree Pruners - Landscaping - About.com
With the aid of pole tree pruners, you can maintain medium-size specimens in their proper shape without having to climb a ladder. Read my review before you ...
Pole Pruners That Are Ropeless, Fiberglass - Review - Landscaping
Read my review for ropeless, fiberglass pole pruners before buying. With no rope to get in the way, these pruners are easy to use to trim a tree.
How to Choose a Garden Hand Pruner - Gardening - About.com
What to look for when choosing a pair of garden pruners. Garden pruner styles, sizes, replacement parts and comfort are the keys.
Comparing Bypass Garden Pruners - Gardening - About.com
Bypass garden pruners make an easy, clean cut. A professional quality pruner will make pruning easier and cuts cleaner.
Cleaning & Sharpening Hand Pruners - Here's What ... - Gardening
No other gardening tool takes as much wear and tear as your hand pruners. We use them for regular pruning and we abuse them trying to cut branches much ...
Sharpening Hand Pruner Blades - Gardening - About.com
Sharpening Hand Pruners - How to Sharpen Garden Pruners. Page 7.
How To Use Hand Pruners (Secateurs) - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Hand pruners, or secateurs, are the tool you will use most as a gardener. Period. Using hand pruners is easy and natural; you can just go at it and do what feels ...
Cleaning & Sharpening Hand Pruners - Here's What ... - Gardening
What You'll Need to Clean and Sharpen Your Pruners. By Marie Iannotti. Cleaning & Sharpening Hand Pruners - Here's What You'll Need. Marie Iannotti.
How to Disassemble Garden Pruners - Gardening - About.com
Disassemble Pruners - How to Sharpen Hand Pruners. Page 3.
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