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Pruning Azaleas and Rhododendrons - Fertilizing Tips - Landscaping
Pruning azaleas and rhododendron bushes properly is key to their care. Two other aspects of proper care that I present here are fertilizing and mulching.
Azalea Care - How to Care for Azaleas Video
Azaleas are a beautiful, flowering shrub that can be grown almost anytime of the year. See our tips on caring for azaleas in your garden.
Rejuvenating Old Shrubs by Root Pruning - Landscaping - About.com
If you're asking, Why are my old shrubs not blooming? root pruning could offer a solution. This trick may improve flowering, and I tell you how to do it here.
Pruning Shrubs - Information for Beginners - Landscaping - About.com
If the bushes in your foundation plantings are overgrown, you may have the urge to start hacking away at them. But before you haphazardly attack that lopsided ...
Gibraltar Azalea Plants - Solid Choice in Orange - Landscaping
Gibraltar azalea plants produce bright orange flowers in May. The gorgeous blossoms of these shrubs have ruffled petals.
Azalea Problems - Not Budding or Blooming
If you're asking, 'Why are my azaleas not blooming?' be prepared to do a little research, because this problem can be due to a number of factors.
Organic Azalea Care - Flowers - About.com
Pruning Azaleas. The best time to prune azaleas is right after flowering occurs, to avoid damaging flower buds for the next season. Gardeners should prune not ...
When to Prune Desert Bird of Paradise - Landscaping - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Landscaping Articles · Jungle Bird of Paradise · Gerbera Daisy · Leyland Cypress · Pruning Azaleas · Canna Bulbs · Aloe Vera Plants ...
Shrubs That Bloom on New Wood (i.e., Current Year's Growth)
You may know what I mean if you've ever been guilty of a classic dumb mistake like pruning azaleas in spring before they flowered because you figured they ...

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