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Pictures of Purple Flowers - Landscaping - About.com
Browse my pictures of purple flowers to aid you in plant selection. Like blue blossoms, this bloom color has a soothing effect.
Picture of Annual Purple Lobelia Flowers - Landscaping - About.com
Picture of annual purple lobelia flowers. Annual purple lobelia flowers are popular for window boxes, since they have a trailing habit.
Larkspur: Annual With Purple Flowers - Landscaping - About.com
Larkspur picture, showing a purple variety. The larkspur in this photo is an annual flower.
Spring Purple Bridal Bouquet - Flowers - About.com
Purple is a wedding flower color for all seasons. From the soft lavender shades of spring, to the vibrant violet hues of summer, to the dark-as-night purple tones ...
Mexican Petunia (Purple Showers) Desert Plant Care - Phoenix
The flowers are purple or dark blue. The Mexican petunia plant is a fast grower, and is used successfully against block walls, or to surround and camouflage ...
Blue and Purple Bridal Bouquet - Flowers - About.com
Springtime wedding bouquet with blue and purple flowers.
Picture of Purple Allium Flowers - Landscaping - About.com
Magenta-purple allium flowers stand out nicely from a background of light-green ferns, for instance. This picture helps illustrate their beauty.
Photo of Purple Columbine - Landscaping - About.com
Picture of purple columbine. Aquilegia is a perennial; columbine flowers come in many colors.
Picture of Purple Verbena Plants - Landscaping - About.com
Picture of a purple verbena plants. Because of their trailing habit, verbena plants are commonly used in hanging flower baskets.
Purple Crocus Photo | Picture of Purple Crocus Flowers - Landscaping
Picture of purple crocuses. Harbingers of spring, purple crocuses and other bulb plants are welcome visitors to our March and April yards.
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